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Executive Functioning,
and Life Coaching

I work with clients who have ADHD and executive functioning challenges to address your specific needs and personal goals. We work together so you can carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented, and timely fashion. Whether they are academic, vocational, emotional, or interpersonal difficulties, we’ll figure out where you are now, where you want to be, and how you can get there.


About Me

As an ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach based in Seattle, Washington, I am committed to guiding young people and adults on effectively coping with the challenges of ADHD and executive functioning issues. I focus on helping them to recognize and use their strengths to achieve their goals, and to use their core values as a guide. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, am trained in linguistics-based, multisensory phonics instruction, am a graduate of JST Coaching and Training, and am credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. I currently teach at a Seattle independent school as a learning specialist and have been a teacher for over twenty years. If I am not coaching or teaching, I’m probably cooking, reading, or writing. My two teenagers attend the Seattle Public Schools, my husband collects a lot of records, and my dog Noche just hangs out acting cute.

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"I've always struggled with keeping good habits, especially regarding school. I started meeting with Janet last Fall, when online school was still new to me, and my school routine was beginning to derail. Janet helped me with strategies to stay on top of assignments, and tips to maintain other good habits, namely my sleep schedule. Over my time working with Janet, I noticed significant changes in my outlook toward school, as well as a general decrease in my stress levels, something that is invaluable for all of us right now. I couldn't recommend Janet enough if you feel that you are lacking motivation or focus for online school, or school in general."

"During a time of transition in my life, I realized I needed some organizational help. I found Janet through a friend and decided it would be great for me to start coaching with her. In our sessions we discussed many topics regarding big life choices around careers and education. We also completed personality tests which helped me figure out what some strengths and weaknesses are. With Janet, I finished coaching with a strong plan of what I wanted to do the next couple of years as well as a better understanding of how I function. Overall, coaching was a great experience and really helped me out."

"Janet is extremely skilled in asking questions to help me wade through all of my thoughts to bring focus and clearly define my goals. Once my goals are clear, Janet’s continued questions help me define activities to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Janet for any person seeking a life coach."

"After months of anxiety and indecision over which general path of study to follow in college, Janet helped my son land on a couple of good options. After her administration and evaluation of his values assessment as well as her thoughtful guidance, Nick felt like he had a better understanding of who he is and what is important to him, what he needs to achieve goals, and how to plan accordingly. He especially appreciated her communication style and looked forward to their sessions. Additionally, he felt that she was efficient during their sessions, and a couple of times he commented to me that 'Janet knows exactly what to ask me to get me to figure things out!' This was music to my ears! Thank you, Janet!"

"When online schooling first started, I would spend all day doing school work. With Janet's help with time management and other skills, I was able to finish in under 3 hours, therefore giving me time to pursue things I enjoy. I got a lot better at using schedules and working effectively. I can't thank her enough."

"Before our child started working with Janet, we felt like her schoolwork was out of control. We were constantly in a standoff about homework and feeling in conflict with one another. We tried offering help in the form of tutoring, which helped in the short term. We offered our own help, which was often rejected. We hope she will continue to use the skills she has gained from coaching to help her feel the rewards of academic success. Janet is a great option for students who need help organizing their schoolwork and getting their academics (and other areas of life) on track. Janet helps kids and their families have better relationships with each other by allowing the students to be in better control of their own schoolwork."

"Since working with Janet as an ADHD coach I am finally reaching goals that I have been chasing for years. Her guidance has helped me to really understand my strengths and limitations and together we design strategies that make the most of both. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to better cope with setbacks and stay accountable to myself. Janet’s coaching has helped me profoundly. I can’t recommend her services enough!"

"Before we started working with Janet, we were facing homework struggles. We had tried tutoring, monitoring our child’s homework online, and still had lots of conflict. After working with Janet, she gained confidence and independence. Both of us did! She helped her both in school and personal areas of organization. I feel we can now enjoy each other’s company more because we aren’t bickering about schoolwork so much."

"Before coaching I knew I had challenges with my son that I wasn't well-equipped to solve, and I didn't know where to start. He regularly fell behind in school, which led to recurring fire drills to catch up. This caused a lot of stress and anxiety during a time with Covid that had already been challenging. I tried Band-Aid solutions ("this can't happen again"..."if this happens again you will lose ___") that were all short-term. None worked well. Janet came as a personal recommendation from someone who experienced positive results. Similar to the dynamic with a coach for sports at school, my son listened to Janet and felt accountable for results. Janet provides an ideal blend of proven coaching techniques and mother-of-a-teenager communication skills (and BS meter)."

"Before finding Janet the relationship between my daughter and I had deteriorated to a very low point. Our only interactions were me asking her where she was with assignments, her telling me all good, then me confronting her after receiving emails from her teachers that she had many missing assignments. I was frustrated, she was frustrated, depressed and did not know how to climb out of the hole she found herself in. We tried use of a planner, limiting cell phone usage so she had adequate time to do work. What changed after working with Janet was hope. My daughter and I could speak about things other than school as someone else was meeting with her, giving her tools and checking up on her completion goals. If your child is struggling, please consider using Janet. She saved our kiddo's HS sophomore year and our relationship."

"Janet's natural ability to connect with people of all ages helped our teen organize his daily routines involving chores and schoolwork. He was able to reclaim his free time under her guidance and mentorship, while feeling like he was leading the process versus having another adult in his life telling him what to do. We would recommend her services to anyone seeking help with executive functioning, or just needing a little order in their lives."

"Before I started coaching, I was unorganized, confused, in a depression, anxious, and all around just scared. I was hoping to gain control and get out of the funk I was in. With Janet, I learned things like note taking strategies and organizational skills, and I also learned what my core values are and how they correlate into my life and my success. After working with Janet for over a year, I am able to stay accountable to myself, ask for help, and ask the right questions. Janet really helped me by never being dissatisfied with my progress and learning; she was open and non-judgemental, something I was always scared of from people. She was also very matter of fact about what I could do to help myself, which was hard, but helpful. With Janet, I gained control of my mind and my life. I highly recommend her."

"Our daughter has ADHD, which really affects her executive function. She was unhappy in school, stressed, and had stopped doing her work. As parents, we didn’t really understand how her ADHD affected her or how to help her, which is where Janet came in. After about 2 months, she was caught up in school and focusing on going forward.

Janet’s approach is child-forward. The parents are only involved if the kid and coach decide it’s best. This really took the stress off of us as parents and gave our child the agency to determine her own path towards problem-solving. She now uses a planner, lists, and tracks her work to make sure she’s on top of things. She is learning to speak up when she needs to with teachers and her parents. It’s almost like a miracle, except we know our daughter and Janet worked hard to make this happen!

Coaching with Janet has given our daughter life-long skills and the confidence to continue to work hard to become the person she wants to be. I cannot recommend Janet enough."

"Janet is skilled at working with neurodiverse humans. She has keen insights into the particular challenges and talents that often show up as different sides of the same metaphorical coin. If you want talented, properly resourced, and authentically caring support to accompany you in learning new skills, approaches, perspectives, and tools–you won’t do better. On my journey, Janet helped me clarify my path, reframe struggles, and held me lovingly accountable to myself. Optimally, in a coach, you want to feel a blend of empathy, encouragement, accountability, and expertise. You’ll get that if you work with this sterling professional."


For all inquiries or to schedule a free phone or Zoom session to decide if coaching is right for you or your child, email me at:

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